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from the center of your being

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Our Purpose 

Our Purpose for ABCpeace is the creation of a place where you can find healers, counselors and products for health and peace. The Founder Osalina Berman M. H. offers her services as a Master Herbalist for Herbal Nutritional Counseling. Osalina's Holistic Medicine Charts and books provide educational materials that facilitate personal and planetary healing and inspires peace. Osalina's Books are available on Amazon and various Internet stores, library's, etc... teaching about  herbs, trees & plants from around the world. Her teaching style is Scientific as well as has a Humorous and Creative approach; using story, poetry and numerous charts and recipes, throughout her books & courses. At present she has 5 Published Books. You can click on the Book 

icons below and place your order on Amazon. Osalina's next book teaches recipes for making toys, science and art using over 500 plants from around the world. For more info on Osalina or other Healers, Musicians, Writers and Artist check out her Links at

Are You Looking to Turn Your Herbal Hobby 

Into a Day Job or would you just like 

to have a healthier life and unique recipes 

with fun ways to use plants for everyday living?

All of Our Courses and Books Will Help You Do Just That!

Herbal Medicine Benefits

More Affordable than Conventional Medicine

Knowing how to use simple foods and herbs to maintain health can save you a vast fortune in Doctor bills and Pharmaceutical medicines.

Easier to Obtain than Prescription Medications

In this day an age you can pretty much order any food or herb on line through Amazon or other sources and many Doctors now encourage using Natural remedies when possible. 

Hold Beneficial, 

Healing Properties

Like Pharmaceuticals; Herbs and Foods work because of the Chemical Constituents within them. There is just as much Science involved as Herbal Medicine, as there is with Pharmaceuticals Medicine, without many of the harmful side effects. 

Stabilizes Hormones 

and Metabolism

Many Herbs help to stabilize Hormones and Metabolism preventing or alleviating many diseases effecting all the organs and glands of the body through a Holistic approach. 

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